Glass Flakes
NSG is the pioneer of GLASS FLAKE technology developing its METASHINE productline which is a photoluminescent inorganic pigment that creates a beautiful luster by using glass flake as the substrate and its surface treatment with metals or metal oxides. Centasia represents NGS-Glass flakes portpolio in the local market for high-end specialty applications.
SpectraFlair Plus 25
SpectraFlair Plus 25 is a new diffractive pigment using JDSU proprietary technology to precisely control particle size. As seen in the SEM photomicrograph, nearly each flake is 25x25 microns.

With a flake thickness less than 0.30 microns, Plus 25 has up to three times the surface area as compared to
SpectraFlair 1400- and 1500-Series diffractive pigments, significantly improving hiding power. The net benefit is a stronger, more dramatic diffractive effect and significantly lower applied cost.

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Metashine Iron Oxide Coat Series
The Metashine Iron Oxide Coat Series consists of GLASFLAKE products coated with iron oxide.

With the standard type, gold to russet colour tones specific to iron oxide can be expressed.
A black type with blackness added by reduction-treating the iron oxide layer is also available.

Average Particle Size : 30, 80 ?m
Colour : TY (Gold)
Substrate Thickness : 1 ?m

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Metashine Silver Coat Series
The Metashine Silver Coat Series consists of GLASFLAKE products coated with silver.

The use of silver achieves remarkably strong brilliance.
There are also additional products coated with pure gold on top of the silver.

Average Particle Size : 25, 30, 80, 90, 150, 230, 480 ?m
Colour : PS (Platinum Silver)
Substrate Thickness : 1, 5 ?m

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Metashine Titania Coat Series
The Metashine Titania Coat Series consists of GLASFLAKE products coated with titanium dioxide.

The Metashine Titania Coat Series is defined by high transparency and brilliant interference colours. Both glass and titanium dioxide are transparent substances and, therefore, products of this series provide high transparency.
In the light that reflects off the coated layer and glass surface, a difference in optical path is generated. By adjusting the coating thickness of the titanium dioxide, the optical path difference is varied and five colours of interference light are generated.

Average Particle Size : 20, 30, 40, 80, 120 ?m
Colour : RB (Blue), RG (Green), RR (Red), RY (Yellow), RS (Silver)
Substrate Thickness : 1 ?m

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