Distinctiveness Of Image vs Reflected Image Quality

Distinctiveness Of Image vs Reflected Image Quality

   Distinctiveness of Image (DOI) and Reflected Image Quality (RIQ) are parameters used for measuring the quality of a highly polished, coated or chromed surface. A DOI of 100 indicates perfect image reflection and the value decrease with orange peel effect, haze (brush marks, scratches, and dust) on a surface.

Both parameters quantify the deviation of reflected light scattering, with more scattered light, the reflected image is blurred.

DOI was one of the earliest method developed to evaluate surface texture, as coating technology advances, DOI becomes less sensitive to detect orange peel. It has reach a level where a surface with orange peel can have a high DOI.

RIQ has a higher resolution for a wider range of low to high gloss surface. It differentiates the specular/diffuse components and correlates well with human visual.

The above sample with orange peel has a DOI of 77.5 (good visual quality) but RIQ shows only 65.1 (above average visual quality).

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