We aim to be
with a quest to maximize one-to-one industry
and customer return on investment (ROI)
leading to high degree of satisfaction.

We commit to be a DYNAMIC and RELIABLE partner with business communities offering value-added products, services & technology know-how in the scope of Industrial Kaolin, Specialty Chemicals and Instruments & Equipment segments for utmost benefits of end- clients and entire value chain.

In 1982, Centasia commenced its operation in Bangkok Thailand. Over 40+ years of outstanding performance, company has flourished as a true market leader in sales & marketing arena.

Currently, Centasia offers a high quality and reliable products such as industrial Kaolin, Pigments and specialty chemicals for Cosmetics and Personal Care as well as Industrial Instruments and Equipment for light and color applications.

The Company has a long standing business partnership with some of the world leading suppliers in their respective product categories. The bottom-line is to provide customer base with a total solution and an assurance of unmatched after- sales service to amplify their success.

The Company currently employs close to 100 personnel from local and international background for sustainable growth in Thailand and geographic expansion in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). We strongly believe that people are the most valuable assets of our company.

WE CHERISH OUR VALUES TO INSTILL HIGH-PERFORMANCE CULTURE for continuous improvement of personnel, business, community and the ecosystem.

• Integrity:
We practice what we preach and live by our words and promises.

• Mutual respect for employees and society:
we focus on an open dialogue with our employees and business partners and we assume responsibility towards society.

• Teamwork:
We are and act as a team under the umbrella of a strong motivated management team with the support of highly committed and qualified teammates.

• Innovation for the success of our customers:
In partnership with our suppliers, & customers we create a platform for added value.  Therefore, we jointly develop innovative and sustainable products, new concepts and services.

• Sustainable profitable performance:
Ongoing profitable performance is vital for business growth & expansion in the future to come. We ensure that our business processes are oriented towards improving long-term value and competitiveness.

The company essentially operates into 3 primary business units namely Pigments, Polymers and Additives (PPA), Cosmetics and Personal Care (CPCM) and Industrial instruments and Equipment (IIE).

In 2011, Centasia launched Light and Color Application Centre (LCAC) in Thailand, offering Calibration and repair & maintenance services to local customer base. In addition, Color Academy project was initiated to increase market awareness of light & color science and technology know-how.

In 2012, Centasia started 2 brand new satellite offices in Chiangmai and Siracha (Eastern Sea Board) to solidify its market presence being close to local business communities to maximize on their time value investment.

As a total solution provider, Company has a wide range of industry and customer base. It takes a round-the-clock connectivity with target groups and dedication to serve their extensive products demand and expectations with utmost satisfaction.

One of our core strengths is a long-standing collaborative partnership with key customers; generating business value in ever-changing and competitive business environment.

Our customer industry base encompass paints and coatings industry, plastics and rubber, inks, cosmetics & personal care, food & pharmaceutical, industrial chemicals, TV panels & monitors etc. Truly, an inspiring solutions provider!

The breadth & depth of company product offering remains the key to survival in highly demanding market place.

As an organization, we constantly evaluate and ensure product quality and reliability by offering products of the top industry players such as BASF, DayGlo, Ferro, Glitterex, NSG, Konica Minolta, Zehntner, Instrument Systems, and Bio-botanica etc. Centasia further adds value proposition ensuring products’ unique selling point (USP) remains unchanged throughout value chain.

Centasia is a truly autonomous company with all necessary resources on-hand to deliver on customers’ expectations. The Company retains sales & marketing team, logistics team, technical support team for performing front-line business activities. It also operates in-house laboratory assisting local industries to carry out lab studies and more. With an independent warehouse facilities (2000 square meter) including a standard fleet of delivery trucks, Centasia smoothens its logistics & distribution demands.

The company constantly conducts joint educational programs with local government and educational institutions. Moreover, a full-fledged ERP platform overcomes database challenges amongst main office and satellite offices increasing organizational efficiency and effectiveness on operational level.


Our fully equipped chemical laboratory runs lab-scale research and development activities are conducted in line with customers’ requirements and underscoring analytical approach to equip them with best possible solution.

  • Draw-down Facility- Color Matching Tests
  • Personal care Formulations- Nail Polish, Cream, Gel, Serum, Liquids
  • Hair Care Formulations- Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Treatment