LED Test & Measurement – a proven track record

LED Test & Measurement – a proven track record (BLOG-308_IMAGE1)

LEDs cannot be manufactured with consistent optical properties as a result of the production processes involved. Brightness and color can vary substantially from component to component even in the same production batch. This is why LEDs have to be tested during production and in their final application. Comprehensive optical characterization is also essential during research and development of LEDs and for LED-based products.

Instrument Systems has developed turnkey solutions for determining luminous intensity, luminous flux, color, spectrum and spatial radiation pattern of LEDs. The measurement systems generate very accurate results with reliable reproducibility in conformity with the guidelines of the CIE 127 document of the International Commission on Illumination. Instrument Systems uses high-performance spectroradiometers to deliver these solutions.

Two areas of application are defined for our LED measurement products:

Laboratory applications: In research and development and in quality control
Production testing: Wafer testing and die sorting in front-end, and testing and sorting of packaged LEDs in back-end

LED – the light of the future.

Since the development of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, the market for LED light has been booming. LEDs are used in displays, illuminated advertisements and lamps. The new light of white LEDs is already being integrated in cars, aircraft, traffic lights and classic architectural lighting. It’s no surprise that a brilliant future has been predicted for LEDs.

Companies like Osram, Philips and General Electric work round the clock to improve LED light. Instrument Systems is cooperating intensively with these companies on metrology. This commitment represents an investment in the future because joining forces in this way provides information on the needs of industry when it comes to measuring LEDs. We also make an important contribution to the definition of international standards. And this is one of the reasons why Instrument Systems is the market and technology leader in LED measurement today.

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