Centasia : True color expert in Thailand

Centasia Co Ltd is authorised reseller for Konica Minolta Inc Sensing products since 1998.  In the last 19 years, Centasia Co Ltd had installed close to 3000 units of light and color instruments to the industries helping many companies improved their color quality.  Konica Minolta color control measurement and systems are used in automotive and automotive parts, food, ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, ink, sanitary wares, plastics and rubber industries throughout Thailand.


In the automotive industries, brand owners and their supply chain are using Chroma Meter CR-400 to unify the color communication and data to ensure a just in time delivery.  Many universities adopted the Konica Minolta instruments in their research and curriculum.  Konica Minolta ‘Precise Color Communications’, ‘Language of Light’ and ‘Lighting Technologies, Principles and Measurement’ reference book are widely used in the industries and universities to equip light and color engineers to gain a basic understanding of the science of light and color.  Precise Color Communications and Language of Light are available in Thai language.

With Konica Minolta trained service personnel, Centasia Co Ltd has a fully equipped service and calibration service centre maintaining the instruments in tip top conditions.  The service station is authorised to service and calibrate Konica Minolta range of Color Readers, Chroma Meters and Spectrophotometers.

Centasia Co Ltd is committed to working with companies to elevate the color quality aspect of manufacturing.


For more information, please call (662) 361-3730 or write to teamiie@centasiathai.com

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