Microglas Metashine
is a highly glittering metallic pigment consisting of metal
coated glass flakes, which has been developed by NIPPON SHEET GLASS CO.,LTD.

The advantages of METASHINE® can be summarized as follows:

● High reflection of visible light gives strong decorative effect.
● Easily dispersed in liquid systems or in polymers.
● Low specific gravity when compared to solid metallic flake reduces settlement within resins and reduces the density of the compound.
● Excellent high temperature and chemical resistance.
● Excellent weather and UV resistance.

Three type of coating are included :
1. Titania Coat Series :

Consists of GLASFLAKE products coated with titanium dioxide. It is defined by high transparency and brilliant interference colors.

2. Silver Coat Seriers :

The METASHINE Silver Coat Series consists of GLASFLAKE products coated with silver. The use of silver, which reflects particularly high visible light more than other metals, achieves remarkably strong brilliance.

3. Iron Oxide Coat Series :

The METASHINE Iron Oxide Coat Series consists of GLASFLAKE products coated with iron oxide. With the standard type, gold to russet color tones specific to iron oxide can be expressed.

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