DayGlo adds color to REEBOK – ZOKU RUNNER lifestyle shoe
DayGlo Color Corp. is a world-class and renowned producer of daylight fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments mainly used in packaging and consumer goods, sportswear & equipment, plastics, graphic arts, paints and coatings, dyes and textiles as well as for the personal care and cosmetics industries.


Being a local partner, Centasia is delighted to share a brand new development between principal supplier DayGlo and Reebok ZOKU RUNNER lifestyle shoe. The shoe features DayGlo Ezentus™ formaldehyde-free pigment for the best athletic beats. The ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO® will be available in three original colors: Aurora Pink (Solar Pink), Blaze Orange (Solar Orange) and Saturn Yellow (Solar Yellow) Ezentus™ simply known as “EZ Series” is based on new cutting-edge polymer technology that’s free of formaldehyde and other potentially harmful chemicals. Moreover these innovative pigments offer improved thermal stability and superior light fastness over conventional pigments. Please check in for more updates at http://www.dayglo.com/news/

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