Centasia is the leading distriutor of plasticizer products in the local market. We offer world-class plasticizer brands namely Synegis from Ferro-Belgium and Santicizer from Valtris-USA. The portfolio comprise of productlines such as benzyl phthalates , phosphate esters, benzoates 9000 and Polyadipates 400 series.
Santicizer Platinum P-1400
Santicizer Platinum P-1400 is a proprietary, non-phthalate plasticizer designed for use in multiple polymer systems and applications. This material can be used in polymers systems
including PVC, latex, polyurethane, and polysulfideto name a few.
Santicizer 154
Santicizer 154 plasticizer is a triaryl phosphate ester with flame-retardant properties suitable for use in a variety of polymer systems. It is similar to tricresyl phosphate (TCP) and cresyl diphenyl phosphate (CDP) in the properties it imparts to polymers. However, it does not produce the delayed neuro-toxicity associated with phosphate esters made from ortho cresol or certain other ortho substituted phenols.

Triaryl phosphate ester. Acts as a plasticizer with flame-retardant properties suitable for use in a variety of polymer systems. Offers a high level of solvation, fast processing and compatibility limits that are wide enough for virtually all types of formulations. Imparts a significant level of fire retardance to vinyl as well as vinyl nitrile foams, and it helps the foamed product meet certain specified flammability performance criteria. Also acts as a processing aid and contributes to excellent cell structure. In polyvinyl acetate emulsions, Santicizer 154 gives flexibility, assists film formation and generally improves the water resistance. Also provides a significant level of flame retardance to the composition.

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Santicizer 148
Santicizer 148 is an efficient flame retardant, excellent for many commercial resins, particularly polyvinyl chloride and its copolymers, polyvinyl acetate and acrylics. It is high solvating and provides good low-temperature flexibility, and it is miscible with most common solvents.

Isodecyl diphenyl phosphate. Acts as a plasticizer. Imparts to PVC a low-temperature flexibility almost equivalent to that of DOP. Offers good flame retardancy, low smoke, easy processability and low volatility. Provides economical self-extinguishing properties. Due to its low volatility, the properties of flame retardancy and flexibility imparted by Santicizer 148 to PVC articles are well retained at low temperatures. Is particularly recommended for low smoke vinyl cable sheath when flame retardancy, flexibility at low temperatures and low ageing at high temperatures must be combined. Used in upholstered furniture, coverings for public transportation, wall coverings and cable insulation.

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Santicizer 141
Santicizer 141 is an excellent, general-purpose plasticizers for most commercial resins, including polyvinyl chloride and its copolymers, cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate-butyrate, ethyl cellulose, poly-methyl methacrylate and polystyrene. FDA regulated, it allows the formulation of clear, flameretardant films, sheets or other products that will contact foods.

2-Ethylhexyldiphenyl Phosphate. Used as a flame retardant plasticizer for the majority of industrial polymers, including PVC and its copolymers, cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetatebutyrate, ethylcellulose, polymethylmethacrylate and polystyrene. Offers low-temperature properties. Exhibits low smoke density, good resistance to abrasion and to oils and fats. Imparts very good light stability and weather resistance, and exceptional high-frequency weldability. Can be used and appreciated for the preparation of vinyl sheets, plastisols and organosols, vinyl packing materials, and conveyor belts.

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Santicizer 278
Santicizer 278 is a high molecular weight benzyl phthalate that offers very low volatility and good permanence yet retains the aggressive solvating characteristics of the benzyl phthalates. High compatibility and low volatility give good processing along with permanence that compares with polymeric plasticizers. This unique combination makes versatile plasticizers for use in many differing resin systems.

Monomeric phthalic ester plasticizer. Used in acrylic coatings and acrylic powder coatings. Possesses very low volatility, fast fusion characteristics, very low efficiency and outstanding stain resistance. Provides very good resistance to water spotting, great toughness and very good adhesion. Improves flow-out characteristics.

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Santicizer 261A
Santicizer 261A Plasticizer is a fast fusing benzyl phthalate plasticizer with a high level of permanence, yet retains the easy processing features of a monomeric plasticizer. It finds
application in PVC film and sheeting, coated fabrics, plastisols, organosols, vinyl foams, polyurethane and polysulfide caulks and sealants, and acrylic lacquers. Extraction resistance
against alcohol and kerosene is comparable to low molecular weight polymeric plasticizers.

Fast fusing phthalate plasticizer. Used in acrylic coatings. Possesses very good resistance to extraction, low initial viscosity, good shelf life and flow properties. Provides very good durability, anti-fogging properties, good adhesion to metal undercoats, improved weatherability and good solvent-craze resistance. Offers gloss, good flow characteristics and flexibility without brittleness for a long, handsome coating life.

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Santicizer 160
Santicizer160 is an excellent plasticizer with strong solvent action on a wide variety of resins. In PVC hot processing, such as calendering and extrusion operations, Santicizer 160 has reduced melt viscosity. It excels when processing products with thick cross-sections or when increased line speed is desired.
The solubilizing action of Santicizer 160 helps ensure that lubricants and other surface-active additives don’t interfere with post-decorative ink adhesion or dielectric sealing applications. In most PVC applications, Santicizer 160 is used with general-purpose plasticizers to improve processing characteristics and finished product performance.

Butyl benzyl phthalate. Used as a very good plasticizer in paints, inks and coatings. Reduces Tg. Offers high compatibility with acrylics, nitrocellulose and urethane compositions. Improves flexibility, coalescing and cold check performance of cure films. Provides very good weatherability, paintability and long term anti-fungal properties. Offers improved resistance to extraction by water, superior physical properties and retention of physicals, resistance to hydrolysis and to extraction by jet fuels. Gives very good gloss, desirable flexibility and flowout.

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Santicizer 409A is a polymericplasticizer which providesoutstanding extraction resistance to petrol
and mineral oils. This plasticizer is thusrecommended and used for oil resistant cable jacketingand hoses

409A isapolymeric plasticizer - a modified polybutylene adipate - which presents a remarkable balance of properties:performance, efficiency, migration and extractionresistance, humidity compatibility, low temperature flexibility and excellent processing characteristics incalendering as well asspreadcoating applications.
Santicizer 409A is the reference product in the Ferro series of polymeric plasticizers. It isrecommendedfor
usein all applicationfields wherea polymeric plasticizer isneeded e.g. refrigerator gasketing, extractionresistant cable jacketingand pipes, adhesive backed films andtapes, but also in synthetic leathercloth, packaging films and nitrilerubbers.

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