Poly*Flake is our premium and most versatile line of precision cut glitter. The versatility, quality and durability of Poly*Flake glitter allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications. It is cut from brilliant metallized polyester film which can be colored to provide glitters that are brilliant, transparent, light fast, water and solvent resistant.

Holo*Gram glitter is precision cut from polyester films which have been micro embossed and metallized. The holographic effects are obtained by light interference. Colored Holo*Gram glitter is made by applying colored coatings to these films to obtain spectacular rainbow effects. Holo*Gram glitter is also water and solvent resistant.

Alu*Flake glitter is precision cut from highly reflective aluminum foil which has been clear coated or colored with a transparent coating. Alu*Flake can withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees F (287 C) without loss of color or reflectivity. This temperature endurance, as well as Alu*Flake’s solvent and fade resistance, makes it an ideal plastics additive for use in injection molding, roto-molding and masterbatch extrusion.


Disco HT series meets the requirements as a cosmetic additive. It is widely used as a staple in the floral supply industry, and is used as a water-based paint additive in the craft industry for a wide variety of applications, which include screen printing, soap making, scrapbook decorating, and wearable fabric embellishment.
Disco LR series is commonly used for the following applications: Solvent based paints and coatings additive, nail polish additive, and an epoxy-flooring additive. It is also used as a flake pigment in automotive aftermarket refinishing.