Satintone 5HB

Satintone®5HB is the finest particle size calcined grade. It has premium brightness and the highest oil absorption. It gave the highest hiding and tint strength BLOG-104_IMAGE1 of all the Satintone®grades, and the highest gloss and sheen. This is expected since it has by far the finest particle size distribution. On the other hand, it gave lower scrubbability and holdout, due to its high oil absorption.

Satintone®5HB is ideally suited for developing extremely high hiding
in both low and high PVC formulas BLOG-104_IMAGE2. It is generally recommended at low levels (5%) in combination with other Satintone® grades to enhance hiding. In formulations below the CPVC, Satintone®5HB gives the best TiO2 extension BLOG-104_IMAGE3, BLOG-104_IMAGE3, because of fine particle size spacing effects. It is used in many egg-shell and satin formulas for this reason.

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