Satintone SP33

Satintone SP33 is derived from a high purity, water-washed hydrous kaolin, calcined to impart excellent insulating properties in PVC compounds. It is highly pulverized to provide excellent dispersion in polymeric compounds. Water-washed kaolin feed results in low residue, low soluble salts, and consistent quality. Satintone SP33 has been especially designed to be an acid scavenger in medium and high voltage PVC wire insulation compounds. It greatly improves volume resistivity BLOG-103_IMAGE1 under both wet and dry electrical conditions. Due to its high electrical insulating properties it is also used in combination with calcium carbonateBLOG-103_IMAGE2 in lower end PVC wire applications.

Benefits of Using Satintone SP33 :
? ?High volume resistivity
? ?Low dielectric constant
?? Long service life
?? Acts as an acid scavenger
?? Low soluble salt
? ?Low free moisture

Translink (Surface-modified grades) are treated with functional additives. These surface treatments create synergy between the inorganic kaolin particle and the organic polymer by providing an organic bridge with which to bond. Translink surface-modified, kaolin-based reinforcements consistently give better polymer performance in demanding applications by providing improved electrical insulative properties for EDPM polymer.